Failed to determine build arguments for target 'XYZ'

This is caused by something specific to your project and is likely due to Periphery not handling it correctly.

In order for us to diagnose and fix, please re-run Periphery with the --verbose option and look near to the top for commands to xcodebuild. Please copy & paste each xcodebuild command into a new terminal, and send the output to

Build fails using Xcode's new build system

Unfortunately the new build system isn't currently supported as it doesn't yet implement all of the features of the old build system, namely the -dry-run option for xcodebuild.

We're also super excited to use the new build system, we're keeping a close eye on Xcode releases - we hope to support it soon!

Brew upgrade fails

If you get an error during running brew cask upgrade periphery that contains curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 16084), first try the upgrade again. if that still does not work, try brew cask reinstall periphery.

Your issue not listed here? Please contact