100% of Results for Free

I’m happy to announce that Periphery now provides 100% of results for free!

In hindsight I wish I’d done this from the very beginning - but as they say, better late than never. This is an important milestone as it addresses a major concern I’d previously had - that open-source projects could not use Periphery without purchasing a license. With the old licensing model, the amount of work required to provide free access for OSS projects while protecting the integrity of the licensing mechanism was prohibitively high. This is a huge weight off my heart, and I hope many OSS projects can now benefit from Periphery.

Get Started Here.

I appreciate too that for some companies, unused code is perhaps more of an annoyance than a priority, and may be hard to justify spending money on to resolve. Ultimately I advocate for cleaner codebases, so to exclude some teams on the basis of money alone didn’t sit too well with me.

Along with these changes I’ve also introduced Pro Mode. Pro Mode is aimed at power users and teams that would like to integrate Periphery into their workflows. I believe free access to the basic operation of Periphery will also help inform development of new features in Pro Mode. You can learn more about the features of Pro Mode here.

I look forward to hearing from new users, and of the bountiful unused classes and functions you’ve removed. As you may be aware, Periphery is very security conscious software. I’ve deliberately avoided including any kind of analytics or crash reporting in Periphery in order to protect your intellectual property. So please share any feedback you may have with me at feedback@peripheryapp.com.

Happy hunting!