Case Study: Thumbtack, Inc.

Thumbtack are a market leader in connecting small business with customers in search of their services. They operate in all 50 U.S states, and offer access to over 1,000 service categories. Founded in 2008, they have developed iOS applications for their platform since 2014.

They provide two iOS applications: one for the small business owners, and the other for customers in search of services. Originally written in Objective-C, their applications are now over 85% converted to Swift. Both applications, along with 5 shared frameworks reside within a single Git repository. They use a single Xcode workspace to manage both applications, and CocoaPods for external dependency management.

Prior to Periphery, Thumbtack had been using the open-source fus tool to find some obvious cases of unused code. However, they found its analysis to be too limited, and false-positives an annoyance.

Thanks to their use of a single Xcode workspace, Periphery was able to analyze both applications and all shared frameworks as a single unit of code. In total they removed 4,156 lines of code, which equated to just under 3% of their total codebase.

In the near future Thumbtack plans to integrate Periphery into their Continuous Integration workflow, and further utilize Periphery once they have converted the remaining Objective-C to Swift.